I am a creative individual that loves to work with my hands and is always engaged in some sort of creative project.  I started this blog to keep track of and document my ideas.

My Creative Loves:

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Needlework
  • Sewing
  • Crocheting
  • Canning
  • Gardening

I have a background in Studio Art and Anthropology (Archaeology) – strange combo, I know.  I grew up in Latin America (El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Bolivia), spent the first two years of my life in the Gambia (West Africa), and I now reside in north-western Vermont.

My nickname happens to be E-Bee hence the Ephemeral Bee.

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  1. hi E-Bee, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the mystery blog award, totally optional if you want to accept! 🙂


    1. Hi Pat, Thank you for the nomination. I still feel like I am finding my way around the blog, so it is nice to have some positive feedback. Let me know what the mystery blog award entails, and what I must do to accept the nomination. Thanks again. Ebee.

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  2. Sara E Smith says:

    Hi E-Bee – love your blog and can’t wait to try your recipes!! All of them!!

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    1. Thanks!! and let me know how it goes! Recipe feedback is always welcome 🙂


  3. ohiocook says:

    Thank you for following my blog!

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    1. You’re Welcome!! I should have done it awhile ago – You have such a great collection of recipes!


  4. Rangeela says:

    If someone based an internet meme on you, it would have impeccable grammar.. .
    we are making a full length film about this. book for free here! -> my7.travel.blog/awesome/


    1. Thanks! I’ll check it out.


  5. Joe Snappy says:

    How did I not know about this amazing blog? My eyes have been opened and my taste buds awakened…can’t wait to serve the pumpkin rolls tomorrow. Thankful for the Ephemeralbee 🤗

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    1. I hear the rolls turned out great! Happy belated Thanksgiving!


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