Swordfish with Farro

A quick and healthy midweek meal.  A pan seared and lightly baked swordfish steak served with farro seasoned with orange juice, smoked chipotle, and olives.  I noticed that my seafood entries were somewhat lacking so here is a new one for the books. Orange, Olive, and Chipotle Farro Ingredients: 1 cup Farro 1 cup Orange…


Bouillabaisse is a French fisherman’s stew that has been popularized across the United States, showing up on many a “fancy” restaurant’s menu.  My French friend, Amelie, would turn up her nose whenever bouillabaisse was trotted out as exemplary French cuisine.  “We do not eat that,” she would state.  Quite rightfully.  Bouillabaisse is considered peasant food….