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Crochet Glossary


Embroidery Books:

  • Montano, Judith Baker.  Free-Form Embroidery.  C&T Publishing.  Lafayette, CA.  2012.

Crochet Books:

  • Alexander, Yumiko.  Rustic Modern Crochet.  Interweave.  Loveland, CO.  2013.
  • Anderson, Brenda K. B.  Crochet Ever After.  Interweave.  Fort Collins, CO.  2015.
  • Becker, Vicki.  Vintage Lace Earrings.  Amazon.  2014.
  • Cartier-Bresson.  How to make Baby Irish Crochet Lace: A Practical Method. Volume II. Cartier-Bresson.  Paris, France. 1930.
  • Dillmont, Thérèse de. Irish Crochet Lace.  D. M. C. Library.
  • Horozewski, Melissa.  Austentatious Crochet.  Running Press.  Philadelphia, PA.  2011.
  • Knight, Erika.  Simple Crocheting.  St Martin’s Griffin.  New York, NY.  2012.
  • Madel, Marion.  The New Crochet.  Potter Craft.  New York, NY.  2013.