Cookies, Brownies, and Bars

Cookies, Brownies, & Bars


Cookie Cutter Cookies

Sliced Cookies

Scoop and Drop Cookies



Icing, Glazes, and Frosting

Key: gf (gluten free), veg (vegetarian), v (vegan), al (alcohol), caff (caffeine), (nuts)

Work in Progress: Any recipes labeled “work in progress” are recipes that I would like to go back one day and improve upon.  Recipes where I have noticed that one or two little things could be better, but I have not had the opportunity to go back and test my changes out yet.  Recipes where I am still experimenting on certain techniques or flavor combos.   I choose to post these recipes anyways as a personal log and record of what I have done so far, and notes on how to improve it – what works about a certain recipe, what doesn’t work, and ideas on what can be done to improve it.