Carrot and Beef Stew with Red Wine

A classic French style beef stew with all of the usual characters – bacon, garlic, rosemary, onions, thyme, cognac, and lots of red wine.  I served the stew with a side of roasted potatoes.  Usually I like to cook my beef stew Belgium style, with lot of beer instead of wine, but I decided to…

French Bread

It has been eons since I have baked a classic French Bread.  I usually skip right over it in favor of egg rich breads or breads with different flours and flavors.  In my years of baking bread I have learned two things  1) practice makes perfect and 2) that said practice needs to be continuous….


Bouillabaisse is a French fisherman’s stew that has been popularized across the United States, showing up on many a “fancy” restaurant’s menu.  My French friend, Amelie, would turn up her nose whenever bouillabaisse was trotted out as exemplary French cuisine.  “We do not eat that,” she would state.  Quite rightfully.  Bouillabaisse is considered peasant food….

The Salted Butter Break-Up

I could not resist the name of this buttery treat, especially, now that Valentine’s Day has passed.  If only all break-ups were so sweet.  This is a recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s book around my french table, and the recipe tends to have a closer resemblance to the making of a pie curst instead of your…

Rosemary Parmesan Gougères

I am still on the rosemary parmesan kick, and decided to try it out on gougères.  Gougères are essentially a savory rendition of the French creampuff or pâte à choux.   Most people hear pâte à choux or French pastry, and immediately equate it to a difficultly impossible situation that should not be attempted at any cost.  Do not let yourself…