Wind River Range, WY


I spent last week camping at the foot of the Wind River Mountain Range near Pinedale, Wyoming.  My family has been holding annual reunions there since the early 1970s.  It had been several years since I was last able to attend one, but I was excited to make it this year (although there will be no craft post this week because of it).

Camp: The last time I camped at this site I had an encounter with a mountain lion.  Thankfully, there was a tent between me and the large cat, and the mountain lion was more interested in the campground host’s yappy dog.  What was Einstein’s definition of insanity?

My grandfather was one of thirteen children, many of which, now have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of there own.  The family, originally from Nebraska, has spread out across the United States.  In the summer of 1971, my grandfather and his siblings began the tradition of spending a week or two each summer camping together in the Wind River Range.  This long standing arrangement has worked well for my family.  Having it annually relieves the pressure of having to work around everyones schedules.  Some years you will make it, and other years you won’t.  Camping makes the experience economical while also providing each family with there own space.  Everyone can structure their own time and activities.  The only large family-wide event that takes place is the evening bonfire.  Everyone comes together at the end of the day to recount their days, socialize, enjoy nature, and roast s’mores.


Elkhart and the Sacred Rim: While we camp at the base of the Wind River Range, on the shores of Lake Fremont, one of our favorite passed times is driving up to Elkhart and hike into the Wind River Range.   The campground, Elkhart, portions of Lake Fremont, and portions of the Range are part of the Bridger-Teton National Forest.  One of our favorite hikes is the hike to the Sacred Rim, which is an overlook from which you can see most of the range.  The hike is only a couple of miles long, and until a couple of years ago the trail was entirely unmarked.  A secret path that leads to one of the most stunningly breathtaking views nature can provide; you are standing on the edge of the world, hundreds of feet below you is a pristine glacial lake, snow melt is gushing down the mountain side in the form of a fast flowing stream, evergreens cling to the cliffs, you are surrounded by large snow-covered peaks, there are no signs of human activity, there is little wonder to how this overlook got its name.





Green River:  Another area of Wind River that we enjoy visiting as a family is Green River and Green River Lake.  We carefully drive along the river in the early morning hours in the hopes of spotting a moose, and when our journey finally takes us to the river’s mouth we joyfully partake in the beautiful serenity of Green River Lake.






An Abandoned Homestead at the Mouth of the Green River


Sunset over the Tetons:







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  1. Amey says:

    Amazing pictures and I really like the little cabin : )

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    1. Thank you! A little peek into the past… you can almost picture a pioneer family living there, braving the wilds of the frontier, while carving out a life for themselves in the wilderness.


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