Cousin Becky’s Scrubbies

Cousin Becky, also known as the Scrubby Queen, has been stocking our family with these tulle scrubbies for well over a decade now.  Over the years they have become a hot commodity at family gatherings, and family members have espoused the virtues of their use in anything from scrubbing out pots and pans to de-scaling lake trout.  At one point, Becky set a personal goal of make 5 scrubbies a day throughout the course of a year.  That was the year when she started her scrubby of the month club.  So it was with great disappointment and sadness, that at a family reunion earlier this year, Becky announced that she was going to retire from scrubby making.  This announcement was directly followed by her enlisting several family members for her scrubby-bootcamp in the hopes of continuing the tradition.  I ended up being one of them, and decided to record the process before I forget.



  • Tulle cut into 2″ strips (about 1/3 of a yard per scrubby)
  • Crochet Hook (U.S. size N/P-15, 10 mm)
  • Scissors


  1. Using the tulle: Ch 5. Sl St the ends together to form a ring.
  2. Ch 2 to begin the next round. Dc 12 around the ring. Sl St the ends together to finish the rnd.
  3. Ch 2 to begin the next rnd.  Dc 2 into each Sp from the previous rnd.  Sl St the ends together to finish the rnd.
  4. Fasten off, and tuck in or trim any tulle ends.
These are a few of the scrubbies that Becky made.

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  1. Sara E Smith says:

    I love this idea! Will crochet and stop buying store scubbies. Can I throw in the dish washer or washing machine to clean?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great idea! I’ve never tried it, but I think that as long as you crochet them tight enough they should hold together in the dishwasher or washing machine? Let me know how it goes?!


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