Mask Chains

I haven’t done a craft post in awhile, and as the gifting season is here, I would like to share this easy 2020 inspired accessory – the Mask Chain!

Yes, apparently it’s a thing, and while I had my initial doubts (I despise glasses chains), the mask chain has turned out to be decidedly practical. No more stuffing your dirty mask into pockets or purse. No more last minute scramble to dig it back out because someones coming toward you on the path. I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor walking these days, and with all of the other winter gear that I’m toting, it’s handy to just be able to slide the elastic behind my ears when I see someone coming and slide it right off again once they’ve gone. With the mask chain around my neck I don’t need to touch the mask itself, just the elastic bands, and I don’t have to worry about figuring out which side has been touching my face and which side is up – I figure all that out with my clean mask prior to setting out. Maybe I’m being nit-picky, but what’s the point of going through the hassle of wearing a mask if you’re not going to do it correctly?

I’ve decorated these mask chains with quartz and agate. Quartz is often associated with healing, and agate is thought to radiate clam, soothing energy. A nice combo, I thought, for dealing with life in the last month of 2020.


  • 20 inch Chain
  • Two 8 mm (or larger) Lobster Clasps
  • for decorations if desired:
    • Two 2.5 inch pieces of beading wire
    • 4 crimp beads
    • Beads
  • if you’re not adding decorations you’ll need two 4 mm metal rings
  • Beading Pliers


  1. If your just assembling a simple mask chain, without any beads, simply use the metal rings to attach the chain to a clasp on either end.
  2. For the beaded chain:
    1. Loop one of the wire ends around a clasp, and use a crimping bead to secure it into place.
    2. Sting the beads through the wire.
    3. Add a crimp bead to the end of your bead sequence.
    4. Loop the wire end through one side of the chain, and loop the wire end back through the crimp bead.
    5. Crimp the wire into place.
    6. Repeat the process on the other side of the chain.

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