Fall Wreath

For me it is always a bit of a struggle to come up with a nice seasonal wreath.  Especially, since I can be a bit particular when it comes to artificial flowers and leaves. In fact I try to keep my wreaths as natural as possible.  I also try to recycle and update wreaths from past years.  This year I decided to try a technique I found in Living Magazine.  It seemed simple enough.  Arrange your wreath and then spray paint it a uniformed color – in the case of the article they spray painted it black for Halloween.  While I liked the wreath in the picture, I knew that a black wreath would not be an option for me.  Not only do I have a black front door (one that, I just noticed, is in serious need for a paint job) but I needed a wreath that would get me through the rest of the Fall and not just up until Halloween.

I pulled out the wreath I used last fall (a grape vine wreath with dried hydrangeas and some artificial grasses as decoration), removed the ribbon, and spray painted it a shade of cranberry.  I did not color it as uniformly as the black wreath in the article, but left some of the beige from the hydrangea and grasses visible to match with the burlap ribbon.

img_3118 img_3127


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  1. Abby says:

    This is adorable! I also struggle with wreaths but this turned out really good.


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