Irish Crochet: 2nd Wheel


  • Metal Ring (10 mm)
  • Yarn (Lace (0) weight)
  • Cotton Cord
  • U.S. size 7 (1.65 mm) Crochet Hook


Crochet over the metal ring 20 Sc, and Sl St ends together.  I used the metal ring in place of a triple cord foundation.  As an extra design element you can P 1 (Ch 4) after every 4 Sc.

  1. Crochet over the cord: Ch 1. *Sc 14 on the cord. Skip 3 Sp on the ring below. Sc 1 in the corresponding space from the ring below.* Repeat 4x (5x total). Sl St ends together.
  2. Over each petal or scallop (5 in total): Ch 1. Sc 2. P 1 (Ch 4). Sc 3. P 1. Sc 3. P 1. Sc 2.

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