Irish Crochet: 3rd Bud

A combination of Buds 1 and 2.


  • Yarn (Lace (0) weight)
  • Cotton Cord
  • U.S. size 7 (1.65 mm) Crochet Hook


  1. Crochet stem:
    1. Sc 22 over a single cord foundation.
    2. Ch 1 to turn.
    3. Sc 22 back up the stem by hooking into both horizontal loops in the 22 St from the previous row.
  2. Over the foundation cord make the 1st loop:
    1. Sc 26.
    2. Sl St back into the top of the stem.
  3. Make the 2nd loop also over the foundation cord:
    1. Sc 3 into the 1st three St of the 1st loop.
    2. Sc 34 over the cord.
    3. Sl St into the base of the loop.
  4. Crochet the bud:
    1. Sc 12 over the foundation cord.
    2. Ch 1 to turn.
    3. Sc 10 (hooking into both horizontal loops of the previous row) without the foundation cord and leaving the last 2 Sp open.
    4. Ch 1 to turn.
    5. Sc 10 back up the bud.
    6. Sc 10 over the foundation cord – bringing the foundation cord back to the beginning of the bud and Sc 2 into the 2 St that were left open in the previous rows (total of 12 Sc).
  5. Sl St into the base of the previous loop and fasten off.

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