Irish Crochet: 5th Wheel


  • Yarn (Lace (0) weight)
  • 2 pieces Cotton Cord
  • U.S. size 7 (1.65 mm) (Eng. size 4) Crochet Hook
  • Metal Ring (10 mm)


Sc 24 over metal ring or a triple cord.

  1. Crocheting over a single cord: * Sc 1. hTr 1. Tr 3. hTr 1. Sc 1.* for each petal segment. Repeat 5x so that you end up with 6 petals in total. Between each petal segment Sc 1 into the rnd below, skip 3 sp, and then Sc 1 for the next petal sequence.
  2. Slide the attached cord around the back, and crochet over it for the next sequence of petals: * Sc 17.* for each petal sequence.  Repeat 4x so that you end up with 5 petals in total. Sc 1 into the backside of the starting ring at the end of every petal sequence.  Evenly space the petals around the starting ring.
  3. For the 1st petal of the 3rd Rnd: Sl St 1 into the first 3 Sp of the Rnd. Ch 5. *Tr 1. Ch 1.* Repeat 9x. Skip the final 3 Sp of the petal.  For the following 4 petals: Skip 3 Sp. *Tr 1. Ch 1.* Repeat 10x (for ll Tr in total on each petal). Skip 3 Sp.  You should be skipping 7 Sp between each petal sequence – 3 sp at the end of one petal + 1 sp connecting the petals + 3 sp at the beginning of the next petal.
  4. Crocheting over second cord, for each petal: *Sc 4. P1 (Ch 4).* Repeat 3x, and finish the petal with Sc 4. Each petal should have 4 evenly spaced picots.

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