Los Cuchumatánes

Sierra de los Cuchumatánes is a mountain range in western Guatemala, running alongside part of Guatemala’s boarder with Mexico.  Los Cuchumatánes, oddly enough, are also where my parents first meet each other back in the 70s.  My Dad was working on a reforestation project in San Juan Ixcoy for the Peace Corps and my Mom was completing a work studies program at a language school down in Huehuetenango.  My parents brought me out to the Cuchumatánes once in the 90s, and we traveled there, once again, this year as a family to celebrate Semana Santa.

Unfortunately, when we crested el mirador (the lookout point) the clouds had set in and we did not get much of a view of the valley below, however, there is something hauntingly, peaceful about being perched above the world, floating in the drifting clouds.

A break in the clouds
A glance behind me
A small Cafe below the lookout point

We drove down into the Valley of Todos Santos.  At the base of the valley is the small village of Todos Santos.  Todos Santos is known for its iconic purple, red, and white striped pants, and it’s daring All Saint’s Day (Todos Santos) horse race.

The Valley of Todos Santos



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