Single Crochet Fingerless Gloves

I am a big fan of the fingerless glove.  I keep a pair by my computer, which are perfect for long stretches of computer time, they keep my hands warm without impeding my work.  The ones I made for this post were the easiest ones I have made to date.  I used single crochet for the entire glove.  The larger crochet hook, I used to accommodate the bulkier sections of yarn, cut down on the time it took me to complete this project.  Each glove only took a little over a hour to complete.  The key to this project was the yarn I decided to use.  The yarn was designed with alternating thicknesses and colors, and this added some visual complexity to the final product that may not be otherwise apparent when using basic single crochet.



  1. Select an unusually textured yarn, and create a few Sc practice rows to see if the yarn is appropriate for the project.  At this time you should also select the right crochet hook for the project.  The yarn may come with a recommendation for hook size.  Check to see if the recommended hook gives you a loose enough weave for the gloves.  If the weave is too tight select a larger hook or if the weave is too loose select a smaller hook.
  2. Create your foundation chain.  Measure it by comparing it to the length of where you want the gloves to fall on your forearm.  Sl St the ends together to form the foundation ring.
  3. Ch 1 to begin the next round. Sc all the way around the ring. Sl St the ends together, and proceed to the next round.
  4. Continue in this manner, decreasing and increasing as necessary to mold the glove to your hand.
  5. Hole for the thumb:
    1. Sc until you reach the place for the thumb.
    2. Ch 6 – 8 (depending on the size of your thumb and thickness of the yarn). Skip 4 – 6 St Sp. Sc in the next Sp, and continue to Sc until you finish the round.
    3. On the next round you will Sc into each Ch Sp as you continue to Sc around the round.
    4. For the next few rounds you will begin to decrease over the thumb hole until the glove fit the remaining 4 fingers.
  6. Finish up your glove, and fasten it off, before starting on a second one that is identical to the first, except for the thumb hole, which will be placed on the opposite side.


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