Irish Crochet: Rosace


  • Metal Ring (6 mm)
  • Yarn (Lace (0) weight)
  • U.S. size 7 (1.65 mm) Crochet Hook


Crochet around the metal ring or over a single cord.

  1. (Rnd 1) Ch 3. Dc 19. (20 Sp in total)Sl St to join.
  2. (Rnd 2) Ch 5. *Dtr 1. Ch 1.* Repeat 18x (20 Dtr in total when including the initial Ch of 5). Sl St to join.
  3. (Rnd 3) Ch 3. *Dc 2 in each Sp. P 1 (Ch 4) between every 2 Dc.* Repeat until the Rnd is complete. Sl St to fasten off.

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