Irish Crochet: 1st Floweret


  • Metal Ring (8 mm)
  • Yarn (Lace (0) weight)
  • Cotton Cord
  • U.S. size 7 (1.65 mm) Crochet Hook


Crochet over the metal ring Sc 18, and Sl St ends together.  I used the metal ring in place of a triple cord foundation, but you can use a triple cord instead.

  1. Crochet over a single cord: *Sc 3 hooking into the 3 corresponding St below. Sc 15 along the cord to form your loop without hooking into the ring below.  Sc 1 attached to the next St in the ring.* Repeat 4 more times. (5 petal loops in total). Sc 2 into the base ring to finish row.
  2. Ch 1 to turn.  Continuing to use the single cord forming the petals by extending it into the stem.  Sc 25 along cord to make the stem.
  3. Ch 1 to turn.  Work your way back up the stem still crocheting over the single cord.  Sc 25 into the corresponding St along the stem.  Hook your Sc through both  horizontal loops in the St.
  4. Once you are back at the base ring continue to crochet Sc 3, over the cord, and hooking into the 3 open St in the base ring.
  5. This next part is slightly difficult since you will be crocheting over the cord and along the tops of the twisted petal-loops.  It is up to your own judgement as to which way the loops should lap.  *Sc 3 onto the 1st loop – crocheting over the cord and into the corresponding loop St. P1 (Ch 4). Sc 2. P 1. Sc 2. P 1. Sc 2. P1. Sc 3.*
  6. Sc 2 over the cord without hooking into the loops below in order to bridge the gap between the two loops.
  7. Skip the first 2 St of the next loop and Repeat the * sequence over the top of the loop.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all of the loops have been covered.
  9. Finish off your floweret by tucking the cord ends into the backside of the floweret.

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