Bookmark: Plain Weave

I wove this bookmark using a plain over, under weave.  Variations in the pattern occurred when I switched out colors or doubled my weft thread.  I used lace weight yarn that I dyed about a year ago.  The natural dyes I used in the coloring for these two yarn colors came from coffee (brown) and achiote (pink).


  • Small Loom
  • Weaving Needle
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Lace Weight (0) Yarn or worsted Embroidery Thread
    • Light Brown
    • Pale Pink
  • Scissors


  • 24 strands of a light – lace weight (0) yarn: triple wrap 8 notches to fit all of the strands onto a narrow section of the loom.


  1. Use yarn to fasten and anchor the bottom of your weave using a hem stitch.
    • Make three rows of a plain over (o), under (u) weave organizing the wrap threads as you go so that they are evenly spaced.
    • Using your weaving needle tightly hem stitch the three rows into place.
  2. Using the same yarn as weave a series of rows using a plain over, under stitch:
    1. o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u
    2. u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o, u, o
  3. When you want to change the pattern, draw your needle until the thread is doubled in half and continue using the plain under, over weaving pattern drawing both haves of the yarn through at once creating a bolder and looser pattern.
  4. Switch out the colors as you go for further variety.

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