Ugly Sweater Cake

It’s time again for my sister’s annual Ugly Sweater party!  Last year I made her an Ugly Lime Cheesecake. Trust me, it was ugly.  This year I decided to go the more traditional birthday cake route, and decorate it as an ugly sweater.  My sister’s loves funfetti cake. I’ve posted a funfetti recipe in the past, for another one of her funky birthday cakes, and I would like to encourage you to check it out if your looking for an alternative to a store bought cake mix.  This post will be more about the decorating and piecing together of a sweater cake, so I will leave the choice of cake type and frosting to you.  I used a basic buttercream frosting for the cake below, the recipe of which, can also be found alongside my funfetti cake recipe.



  • 2 sheet Cakes (9 x 13 inch rectangles)
  • 4 – 5 cups Frosting (color about 1 cup of frosting for accents decorations (the blue on my cake) and the remaining frosting (the pale yellow, or another color of your choice) will be the general frosting)
  • Sugar sprinkles to decorate – the more the merrier!


  1. Sweater Body: Cake 1
    1. Center one of the cakes in the middle of a large baking sheet, cake plater, or a thick piece of aluminum covered cardboard.  This will be the base for your cake, once it’s situated, you won’t be able to transfer it onto another one.  Make sure that there is ample room on both sides of the cake for the sweater arms.
    2. Cut a half circle out of the top of the cake.  This will be your sweater’s neck hole.  Make sure it’s centered.  I left about an inch and a half of cake on either side of the hole, and if you have a 9 inch cake (as specified) that should leave you with a 6 inch long neck hole at the top.
  2. Sweater Arms: Cake 2
    1. Trim about an inch off of the long edge (one of the 13 inch sides) of the second cake.  This is a spare piece of cake.
    2. Cut the remaining cake right down the middle.  You should end up with 2 long (4 x 13 inch) sweater sleeves.
    3. At the top of each sweater sleeve you are going to cut off a small inch long triangle of cake to create the shoulder joint.  This is where your sweater sleeve will connect onto the body of the cake.
    4. Cut each sweater sleeve in half to create the elbow.  Leave the top section of the sleeve (the part that connects to the body) straight edged, but cut an angle at the top of the bottom piece of the sleeve to give the elbow a slight angle.
    5. Arrange the sleeves alongside the body, and make adjustments as necessary.
  3. Frosting, 1st Layer: Crumb Coat
    1. Cover the breaks in the cake (the joints) with frosting.  You want to fill them in so that your cake becomes a solid shape.  Make sure the sides of the cuts are also filled in.
    2. Cover the remainder of the cake with a thin layer of frosting.  The idea of a crumb coat is to cement the cake crumbs onto the surface of the cake so that when you apply your final layer of frosting the crumbs and cake underneath will not be visible.
    3. Chill cake for an hour, or until the crumb coat solidifies.
  4. Frosting, 2nd Layer: General Base
    1. Coat the cake with a second layer of frosting.  Make sure to frost in a nice even layer that covers the entire cake, and ensuring that the cake/crumbs are no longer visible.
    2. Make sure to frost all of the edges and corners.
  5. Decorate:
    1. Use a piping bag and the remaining frosting to decorate patterns onto the cake.
    2. Decorate the cake with sprinkles.

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